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October 27, 2018 5:59 pm  #1

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Will there be something available for AMP pages?  I put the flag counter in one of my footers, but the Wordpress AMP plugin removes all footers and side bars.  Pretty much everything except the article body.  Will there be anything coming out, even if just the PRO version, to allow for AMP views to be counted?  That's a pretty big chunk of traffic to lose track of, but with Google giving preference to AMP pages, I pretty much have to do it.



October 27, 2018 7:27 pm  #2

Re: Accelerated Mobile Pages

Hi whichgod,

I am not very familiar with AMP pages, but it looks like images should work normally. Are you not able to put the code in a section that's published on the AMP page? If that's the case, I dont think there's anything on our end that could resolve that limitation.

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