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April 13, 2017 8:03 pm  #11

Re: Avoiding proxy cheat!

AlexCT wrote:

what is the problem here? ;) some of us are with 100-500.000 visits per day, some with 50-100.000, a good part with 10-50.000 and 1000-10.000 per day and some there are with 10 visits per day but what is the problem? all this is ok. FC ist not a game and i never saw ranking of "how many visitors you have" everyone use his counter with visits from anywhere, some of us are with types of homepages which recieve many realvisitors, some are in forum and recieve visits over there profils there and somebody are also using proxies. all this i think is ok. i saw your homepage and the kind of homepage is private. i think there are also some proxyvisits there not everyday are visits from africa on a private homepage ;) i can give you a tip: use better this forum for visits. i do that everyday in the morning 10 minutes and finaly all are with more visits. you can visit me everyday and i visit you back. 7 visits more the week from spain or visit me several times by the day, i visit you several times back by the day. all is so easy

Well said. But games like "how many visitors you have" are good for me. People taking part of that are nice, i never heard (pipi) about others ways of collecting flags (proxies etc).
If you have healthy community even "racing" games are fun


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