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August 30, 2023 3:07 am  #1

Flag counter displaying ok?

Hi, someone I know on Discogs recently told me that my flag counter isn't displaying properly on my Discogs profile page https://www.discogs.com/user/vinylmaddy apparently was appearing as a small thumbnail image & not a flag counter. I contacted support here & they replied saying it appears ok on their end & that their flag is now visible on my page. Its always showed correctly when i'm on my profile page. The same person (on Discogs) is saying it still doesn't show as a counter on my page so thought I'd post here. I checked with other users I know on Discogs & all have said they see my flag counter with no issues. Seems to be that 1 user. Maybe it's their laptop that needs an update.. who knows. Thanks if I can get some of you to have a look to see if my counter displays ok or not & give me feedback here as it's been annoying me that 1 user saying it doesn't show properly as flags. Thanks.

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