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April 8, 2021 4:43 pm  #1

Missing UK sub-regions


I previously had a pro subscription on my flag counter and decided not to continue my subscription. After being non-pro for a few months, I decided to go pro again.

Most of my regional data is still there, however it seems like the sub-regions within the UK have disappeared. They still appear in the flag history, just not on the main page.

The forum does not allow me to post pictures, but my flag counter is NpFB on s05. You should see that I only have 4 regions from the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) whereas I should have many of the subregions.

Is this a side effect of losing pro, or is there something I can do to recover these regions?


April 8, 2021 5:02 pm  #2

Re: Missing UK sub-regions

Indecisions and hesitations in life sometimes lead to irreparable damages.
If we drive a car fast and when we encounter a bend we go straight ahead, this is also an irreparable damage.


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