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November 19, 2019 10:11 am  #1

Can I flag an expense as billable on my Quickbooks app on my phone?

If you're on the process of creating the expense, you'll have the option to enable the Billable option through the mobile app. You can also follow these steps to edit an expense transaction to make it billable:
Go to Vendors.
Select the vendor.
Go to the Activities tab.
Select to open the expense transaction.
Click the pencil icon (see screenshot below).
Change to Billable expense.
Click Done.
The Billable box feature is currently unavailable in some mobile app versions. o track the expense, you can consider opening the account using a browser and record the transaction from there. 
Sign in to your company and go to the Plus icon to choose the transaction. For example, bill, expense or check.
If you’ve selected a bill, enter the vendor’s name in the field and enter the correct date.
Select the expense account/item details under the Category or Item details section.
Input the description, amount of the entry and then mark the Billable box.
From the Customer column drop-down menu, pick the correct client you want to bill the expense.
Hit the Save and Close button.
Now, add the billable expenses to your invoice. For detailed instructions, check out the Enter billable expenses article and go straight to the Add billable expenses to the invoices section.This process is also helpful with hosting
QuickBooks on cloud. Also compatible with other Quickbooks versions. Hope this information is helpful!

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