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November 8, 2019 3:19 pm  #1

Wrong stats

I've been suspicious of my flagcounter's stats, because the visitors' number was 1-10 % of all the views but I know I don't get many return visitors.

The number of visitors and flagcounter views was just not adding up
 so I clicked on HISTORY and decided to count the visitors and the views of the current day and overall in a time frame a few times.

While the number of VIEWS today and overall rose by the same number, the number of VISITORS today was much, much lower than overall progress (20 visitors vs. 400 visitors or 130 vs. 3 000).

I believe it's been happening for a longer period of time that the visitors number by day has a glitch. Why is this not adding up

Also when you click on TODAY, you should get today' nr. of visitors but mine is nr. of views.  

btw I'm on sever 1.

Can other members test these numbers and report back, and can I have admin's point of view on that?

Thank you,


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