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June 9, 2018 6:47 pm  #11

Re: Greenland (closed)

+1 from PL

Greetings from   
Thank you for visiting me!

June 9, 2018 7:12 pm  #12

Re: Greenland (closed)

Yes please

+1 Hamburg/Germany

Feel free to visit me: 

Still looking for: Brit. Indian Ocean Territory, US Minor Outlying Islands, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, Heard & McDonald Islands, Bouvet Island + Western Sahara

June 9, 2018 10:01 pm  #13

Re: Greenland (closed)

I'd love one from Greenland! +1 from NL (I know, not very spectacular, but it's all I have to offer at the moment).


Jan (


June 9, 2018 10:02 pm  #14

Re: Greenland (closed)

Best regards from Berlin (2 days only)


June 10, 2018 8:23 am  #15

Re: Greenland (closed)

Thank you for the offer.
+1 Slovenia


June 10, 2018 9:47 am  #16

Re: Greenland (closed)

Thanks my friends...all revisited...
Game over

Please visit my Homepage!!!
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