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February 19, 2018 10:27 pm  #11

Re: Czech Republic Name Change Poll

Snya Grozni wrote:

I think this poll is going to be skewed by non-native English speakers saying "Czechia" as it matches the name for the country in their language, but within the UK and most other English speaking countries the name "Czechia" is virtually not-used and any thing from events put on by schools to broadcasts of football matches will use the name "Czech Republic". Additionally, at the UN the name is "Czech Republic".

Having lived in the UK all my life and being involved in a lot of international projects, the only time I've ever heard the name "Czechia" being used is by non-English speakers on the internet. Any native speaker, English-language publication and anyone in real life I've met has used the term "Czech Republic".

People contrast it a lot with the Slovakia situation but the main difference is that Slovakia is officially recognised as such and that in colloquial English use Slovakia is used.

As the counter is in Engllish it makes sense for the name to remain as the Czech Republic. The counter should reflect reality, not preferences of the users.

good reflection



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