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April 13, 2013 1:47 pm  #1

Help, I lost my counter!

As one of our most frequent inquiries, please follow these steps to try and find a misplaced counter code.

Search your email
Search your email for a message from Flag Counter.  If you registered your counter or have Flag Counter Pro, you should easily be able to locate a link to your counter.

Check Google's cache
Check whether Google's cache has a copy of your page.  To do so, visit Google and type the full address of your website after the word "cache:"  For instance, to view the cached version of Flag Counter's homepage, you would enter "cache: flagcounter.com" and submit.  If Google finds your page, there's a good chance the counter might still be on it.

Check the Internet Archive
Try and find a copy of your page at the Internet Archive.  This will only be useful if the counter has been on your site for many months.  Visit http://web.archive.org and enter the address of your site in the Wayback machine.  If the Internet Archive has a copy of your page, you will see many dates shown, and you can choose one in which the counter was present.

Registered Counters
If you registered your counter a staff member can locate it by searching our records for your email address.  You will need to know what email address you used to sign up.  Please message a staff member, or use the Flag Counter contact form with this information.

After You've Found It
Once you've located your counter, click on it to open its statistics page and use the Regenerate HTML link to create a new code for your site, using your existing information.  Learn more about regenerating your counter code here: http://flagcounter.com/faq.html#modifying

If Nothing Else Works
If you did not register your counter and cannot locate is using any of these methods, it is likely you will have to start over.  Please create a new counter, but be sure to register it this time.  Registration unlocks many additional features as well.

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