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Flags, Flags, Flags » Flag Central » January 10, 2015 5:30 pm

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I was sent here for your help. I registered for a Visitors flag counter and received the line of HTML code to insert into my page's Source Code HTML. I want the the 2 colums of visitors flags to appear at the right side of my page, part way down into an existing blank space. Trouble is I don't know where to place the line of code into my page's HTML so that it appears in the proper place. Can you help me"
Thanks very much. 

Help and Support Forum » flag column instead of map » December 23, 2014 8:40 pm

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Hi—I’m new here. My blog is with WordPress. The other day I started to apply for a flag map—filled out something—didn’t go completely forward--and busy holidays considered, I’m a bit wonky about what stage I was at. Sorry. I’ve decided I would rather have a column of flags, instead, and would like to set it up, and don’t know where to begin. I know exactly where I want the column of flags on my blog’s home page, and I understand HTML and the View Source, but I really don’t know where to insert the code into the HTML, to have it turn up where I want it displayed. And, sorry again, I don’t understand widgets. I’m hoping for some words of wisdom to bring me back to the starting gate.
My blog is: It wasn't allowed.
I have Fire fox and windows 7.
Help is really greatly appreciated.

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