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Request Flags » Please visit! You'll get a visit from Friesland, The Netherlands » Yesterday 11:35 pm

Please visit my website!

You'll get a visit from Friesland, The Netherlands


Request Flags » Please visit my site! » Yesterday 11:31 pm

Revisited everyone again!

Help and Support Forum » How can i sync my counters ? » Yesterday 10:42 pm

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I have 3 different counters running on my ham page for different things and they all say different counts.This is mainly due to accidental deletion and having to restart my counters from scratch.
Is there anyway i can sync the original to my new ones 
Appreciate any help 

Request Flags » Ceuta, Melilla from Spain and Corsica from France wantetd ! » Yesterday 10:13 pm

THX for Corsica. Ceuta and Melilla from Spain on African Continent still missing.

Request Flags » Some Russian regions wanted » Yesterday 6:28 pm

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