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Help and Support Forum » Creating a separate flag counter for state flags » Today 8:02 pm

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I visited your site and both counters logged my visit correctly.  It looks like your first counter might be placed on other sites or pages that the other counter is not placed on. 

It is also not necessary to have two separate accounts.  You can easily show the US flags from your original counter on your site.  Just use the regenerate HTML function for your original counter and select the option to show US flags.  You can have multiple versions of the same counter on the same page without your visitors being duplicated.

Request Flags » Looking For Visitors From Anywhere » Today 7:41 pm

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^^^ Thank you all. I've visited each of your sites. 

Request Flags » Italy 1 region missing: Molise » Today 6:49 pm

OM Hans
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I am missing 1 region missing: Molise. Please Help!

Help and Support Forum » Creating a separate flag counter for state flags » Today 5:22 pm

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Jeremy wrote:

Hi marci_mae,

The different versions of the counter all lead to the same statistics page.  The only difference is the view presented on your site.

Thanks Jeremy, I do see that. However, the view is what I wanted.  My students would like to look at country and state flags when they pull up the page. I have it set up that way but the statistics are confusing now on both flag counters. Example, today I had several hundred people from the US look at my site. It shows this on the country flags under the US flag, but the separate counter for the States didn't even register it. It is almost like the state flag counter quit isn't working. . 

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