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Flag Offers » Flag from Sweden !! » Today 8:35 am

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Desde Barcelona

Request Flags » Any flags are welcome » Today 7:07 am

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New visit from France

Flag Offers » Flag from Sweden !! » Today 7:06 am

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New visit from France

Suggestions and Feedback » Flag Details for Aland Islands showing flag for Finland » Today 7:04 am

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Flag Counter Pro » New Visitor » Today 7:02 am

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General Discussion » Health supplement interactions » Today 7:00 am

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I'm curious to find out how many people, when they visit the doctor/hospital/pharmacist/anywhere and are inquired what medication they get, list the supplements that they take in addition to any prescribed medication.
By way of example, I take Statins, Levothyroxine along with Atenolol on prescription, but I also get Echinacea and Cod Hard working liver Oil as supplements all of which will soon be adding CoQ10 fot it list. When I'm inquired what I take often, I always forget for you to list the supplements and tell them about your prescribed meds.
I was checking a thing out online though and didn't realise what number of supplements, which generally people take when they feel they are doing them a quality and are may consider actually safe especially if these are described as 'herbal', interact adversely with some medication. One example of this can be a CoQ10 I'm purchasing, which interacts adversely with Warfarin and also other blood-thinning drugs. Cranberry in addition interacts with Warfarin (and various other.. you know the drill). Evening Primrose Oil could improve the risk of seizures with anti-seizure medication, St. John's Wort interacts with HIV meds and a lot of other drugs - that form of thing.
Do you check for adverse interactions when you purchase a supplement or does one just assume it's fine using your prescribed medication - or maybe with a condition you have you simply don't medicate?

Help and Support Forum » When direct link is requested » Today 6:59 am

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