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October 7, 2009 7:14 pm  #11

Re: Congrats Brazil!!!

Congratulations to Rio, It will be great to have the Olympic games come to South America!


October 7, 2009 10:16 pm  #12

Re: Congrats Brazil!!!

gui_augusto wrote:

@American Witch: Well, a teacher of mine went to USA to study and people there asked her why she was not dancing samba and if she had lots of monkeys at home ;S

All I can say is that they were either teasing her or they were idiots.

Please don't form an opinion about or stereotype Americans on the basis of the ignorance of those few people. I hate when people lump all Americans together, and think we are all alike, just as you hate people thinking those horrible things about the people of your country.

Grishend is correct. A lot of the problems with the crime, and other things you mentioned will be made so much better by the time the Olympics get there.

Whether or not it will help the economy is always a risk. It will create many jobs, yes, but how much does the country have to spend in advance to prepare. Will they come out ahead in the end or in the red. You won't know until it is all over.

Personally, I think it will work out wonderfully in Brazil, gui_augusto! Just my opinion, worth what you paid for it. Nothing.

American Witch
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October 8, 2009 12:15 am  #13

Re: Congrats Brazil!!!

I don't think I'll be alive by 2016 but let me say that I love Brazil, I love Rio de Janeiro; and I hate the road almost every big sports event is walking upon in these so called modern days. And that road is called "industrialism."

I hope 2016 Olympic Games will bring light to every person in Brazil.  Congratulations


October 18, 2009 3:39 am  #15

Re: Congrats Brazil!!!

well all that a have to say is:

congratulations to Brazil!
is obvious that Brazil has all that you mentioned, gui_augusto but, also has good things.
is a huge country with vast natural resources ... the bad thing is having corrupt rulers, who do nothing for the country.
and of course the image that the rest of the world have that Brazil is the paradise for turism dont help.

in short, I think Brazil is a country with potential and is a good opportunity to take advantage of this great event.
it's  what i think.


January 27, 2010 7:27 pm  #16

Re: Congrats Brazil!!!


Make the world AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAH A better place -> RATE OR HATE
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