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February 20, 2012 3:54 pm  #1

Impossible Flags (Countries and Regions)


Number Of Possible Country Flags = 247
Number Of Impossible Country Flags = 4

These "Unknown" Flags Are Also Available, But Will Not Be Added To Your Total
(Maximum Flag Total On Counter = 251)

A1 - Unknown - Anonymous Proxy
A2 - Unknown - Satellite Provider
AP - Unknown - Asia/Pacific Region
EU - Unknown - European Union


RED = 100% Dead! (Region/Country No Longer Exists, Or Is Not Supported Within The Database)
BLUE = Maybe! (Region/Country Is Currently Unavailable, Commonly Due To Inactive IP's)
GREEN = Unobtained! (It's out there, go find it!)


List Of Impossible Country Flags

Updated - 28th December 2014

AN - Netherlands Antilles
BV - Bouvet Island
EH - Western Sahara
HM - Heard Island & McDonald Islands



Number Of Possible Regional Flags = 2144
Number Of Impossible Regional Flags = 3

If Anyone Gets A Listed Flag, Leave A Message Here So We Can Remove It


List Of Impossible Regional Flags

Updated - 28th December 2014

Oued ed-Dahab-Lagouira
Komi-Permyatskiy AO
Ust-Orda Buryatia


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