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October 30, 2018 7:30 am  #1

FC doesn't work correctly on flickr

Hello FC users,
I Need help. I'm new at FC and use the normal FC Edition since sunday (Oct 28, 2018). I'm from Germany an I have a lot of followers on my flickr photo side. But there are no Counts for the german flag. The FC is added to the last 150 photos on flickr.
Today I get one Picture of mine as explored. This means that this Image appears for thousands of peaples as well worth seeing. The hit couter of flickr is at nearly onethousend clicks. But my flag Counter Shows only 4 flags and all together only 30 persons and nearly all from the US?! From my Point of view, that can't be! Do I make something wrong???
Here the "link" to my account at flickr (my 1st post - so ti's not the complete link ;-) ):

This will guide you to the today explored photo. I hope you can help me!
Best regards


October 30, 2018 6:33 pm  #2

Re: FC doesn't work correctly on flickr

Flag Counter Developer, Inc.

October 30, 2018 8:20 pm  #3

Re: FC doesn't work correctly on flickr

Hi Jeremy,
thank you for your response but sorry, I'm not sure if I understood... Does that mean that FC can't count accurately because of the design?
I put the code which was generated by FC on my profile site (Info) of flickr and of each site as a comment. What is wrong or where is my fault. I saw the flag counter on the website several users on flickr. It seems to me that it works fine. 
Is there any possibility to implement FC on other way on the flickr site?
Best regards and thank you in advance 

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October 31, 2018 2:50 am  #4

Re: FC doesn't work correctly on flickr

Hi BIngo_fc,

Your code has been altered to load the image from a server at  We count visitors when they load the counter from our server. Your code is displaying an image that is not loading from our servers.

Flag Counter Developer, Inc.

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