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September 5, 2017 8:44 pm  #1

Flag counter not counting correctly

I have used the flag counter on my webpage successfully for several months.  I made no change to the code at all but today it is not counting correctly.  When I click on History it says that for in progress today there has been just 15 visitors.  I know for a fact I have had over 500 visitors, but it suddenly is not counting them.  I see a couple of others today have posted a similar problem.  Is this in process of being fixed?  Thanks.


September 5, 2017 8:54 pm  #2

Re: Flag counter not counting correctly

Hi rickhow,

I will post the response that we sent to your email inquiry regarding this:


Some website providers have recently implemented code on their services that cause all external images to load through a proxy server. This can interfere with our code. We are able to count your visitors when they load your Flag Counter image from our server. When an image loads through a proxy server, the only connection made to our server is from that proxy server, and the visitor never makes contact with our server. This results in the only location that your counter detects being wherever the proxy server is located, as we have no way of knowing that the server is passing the image onto someone else, or where that someone else might be.

Fortunately, it appears that many providers are only implementing this proxy behavior on "insecure" images. You can try the secure version of our code, which may resolve this issue by changing the "http://" in your code twice to "https://". This option has worked for many of our customers.

Thank you,
Flag Counter Support


Flag Counter Developer, Inc.

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