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September 2, 2017 10:39 am  #1

How can i restore my old flag counter

Good day Sir.
I registered for flag counter about 5months ago but on the 31/08/17 i mistakenly deactivated it on my blog. The problem now is that when i activated it again the whole count was lost and it breaks my heart. I even copied and pasted the code on my side widget yet it started counting afresh.

What do i do to restore the initial count.
Thanks and Bless you.


September 2, 2017 7:49 pm  #2

Re: How can i restore my old flag counter

Hi victor,

I did not find any counters registered to your forum email address. Is there another email address you might have used? You might also try these instructions:

Lost your counter's HTML code?
Your counter is likely still somewhere on our servers. If you registered your counter, search your email for your counter's information. Otherwise, if you happen to know the address of your statistics page (which might be in your browser history), please follow our Modifying Your Flag Counter instructions to regenerate your HTML code.

If you do not have your Flag Counter code or the address of your statistics page, try checking the Internet for cached versions of your site that may contain your counter. A good place to start is

Please note that counters that do not receive a new visit in more than 30 days are subject to removal from our servers for inactivity.

Flag Counter Developer, Inc.

March 9, 2018 10:13 am  #3

Re: How can i restore my old flag counter

If a counter does not receive a new visit in more than 30 days, flag counter removes that citing inactivity as the reason. If you have registered your counter, you can search your email to obtain information related to the counter.

Dallas Goldstein
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