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September 17, 2016 10:56 pm  #1

flag counter duplication

I have geocaches based in different places and countries. I placed a flag counter on one cache page in the USA, and one in Israel. I noticed that both flag counters show the exact same visitors: 67 from USA, 1 from Canada, and 2 from Israel.  What did I do wrong? I used the code listed for web pages. I am sure the same visitors did not visit these two web pages in completely different countries. Thanks, Tammy


September 18, 2016 11:53 am  #2

Re: flag counter duplication

If you use the same code for both sites the visitors of both sites will be counted by the same image and consequently, the statistic is identical.

The views expressed in this statement are in no way intended to represent the views of The views are my own as moderator of this forum. Since 31 Dec 2016 I'm retired and no longer Moderator of this forum.

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